Data management

Data security
WP2 is a collaboration project between NIFU and Fafo. Both institutions will have access to the data used in WP2. All data used in WP2 will be delivered from Statistics Norway (SSB). The data includes records on nearly 4 million anonymous persons.

The data used in WP2 will be stored on dedicated secure servers at NIFU and Fafo that only the WP2 leader and the WP2 participants will have access to. No personal data will be transferred between NIFU and Fafo. Only procedures for processing data, syntax files and commands will be transferred between the two institutions.

All data used in WP2 will be deleted at the latest 31.12.2022.

Our plans and procedures for data management have been evaluated and approved by the Norwegian Centre for Research Data (NSD) and the Norwegian Data Protection Authority (Datatilsynet).

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