• Silver Lining - a study of employability and learning trajectories of Late Career Learners

    The reality of an ageing Europe has been recognised by the European Union and the challenge of maintaining active participation has been one of the focus areas of recent OECD reports. While politicians are concerned about funding pensions, others are interested in the continued active participation of senior employees (aged 55 to 67). This project attempts to understand whether learning in the workplace might be one way to improve the lot of older employees and to increase the number of those who continue to make an active contribution to the workforce.

    We will use multiple methods to shed light on the existing situation and discuss future potential. Firstly, we will combine national data on Norwegian firms and employees to gain an overview of how much formal and informal learning is being registered in the age group 55 to 67 in the various industrial sectors, this will be analysed in relation to data on employment in the various age groups. We will also carry out a comparison with other European countries. In order to better understand learning over time and explore some of the myths relating to learning and adaptability among senior employees, we will carry out some more explorative case studies in a selection of industrial sectors. These cases attempt to shed light on informal learning in various working contexts and reveal factors which might hinder or improve learning. The idea of this study is not new, however we combine new data in a novel way and our explorative case studies will ensure that role of the learning context is carefully analysed from the perspective of senior employees.
    This project is led by the Nordic Institute of studies in innovation, and education (NIFU), with participants from Oslo and Akershus University College of Applied Sciences, University of California (UCLA) and Fafo Institute for Labour and Social Research.

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