Edwards A. & Olsen, D.S Cultural-historical understandings of transitions in changing workplaces (2023) in Workplace Learning for Changing Social and Economic Circumstances. Edited By Helen Bound, Anne Edwards, Karen Evans, Arthur Chia

DOI 10.4324/9781003227946-6 Edition 1st Edition
First Published 2023
eBook Published 14 March 2023
Pub. Location London
Imprint Routledge DOI
Pages 290

Artikkel i Forskningspolitikk:
Expertise and excellence are great, but what about good old-fashioned wisdom?
Forskningspolitikk 3:2021 (24-25).

Intervju i nyhetsbrev fra Senter for seniorpolitikk:
Tre typer seniorkompetanse – Senter for seniorpolitikk

Rethinking the contribution of older workers – new book out now
A new book discusses new ways of gaining positive benefits from ageing and a more experienced workforce.
Authored by Anne Inga Hilsen and Dorothy Sutherland Olsen, two of Norway’s foremost researchers on competence and on seniors in working life, The Importance and Value of Older Employees: Wise Workers in the Workplace makes a contribution to our understanding of one of the social challenges facing many western nations. That is the challenge of an ageing population.
The book specifically addresses the issue of competence among older employees. Others have studied ageing populations in terms of the economic burden or the pressure on healthcare services and generally view the rising numbers of seniors more as a challenge than an opportunity. In this book, authors discuss ways of gaining positive benefits from our ageing and more experienced work force
You can download or buy the book from the publisher Palgrave

Interview for the network for entrepreneurship 50 to 100, on learning for the over 50s:

Presentation for the Church of Norway – Research based comments on proposals to employ over 70s.

Carlsten, T.C. (2021). Forlenget prestetjeneste? En forskningsbasert kommentar til Oslo bispedømmeråd vedrørende Kirkerådets høring om ordning for fortsatt tilsetting etter fylte 70 år. 12.2.21.

Article published in the journal LABOUR “Effect of Firms’Age on Their Use of Highly Skilled Workers”

Kompass – Kompetanse Norges rapport

Dorothy Sutherland Olsen og Tone Cecilie Carlsten fra Siver Lining project have contributed to SKILLS Norway’s Kompass report on senior employees, “Seniorer – kompetanse og muligheter
på arbeidsmarkedet.


Special Issue:Active ageing and older learners – skills, employability and continued learning 2019 ‐ Letter from the Joint Editors

Grøgaard, Jens Brandi; Børing, Pål; (2017) What matters most for adult employment – cognitive skills or formal education?

Analysis of the selection to employment in 31 countries based on data from the PIAAC database. The first report from the project ‘Silver lining’. (146). Rapport. Nordic Institute for Studies in Innovation, Research and Education (NIFU).

Olsen, Dorothy Sutherland (2018) Seniorer og IKT – hvordan kan ledere bidra?

I Ledernytt nr. 5/2018, s. 46-47.


Ta vare på seniorene!

Det er lønnsomt både for samfunnet, bedriftene og den enkelte arbeidstaker at eldre står lenger i jobb. Hvordan kan du som leder sørge for at seniorene og deres kompetanse ikke forsvinner ut i pensjonstilværelsen?

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