Workpackage 1

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Systematic review of recent literature & policy measures
WP Leader: Tove Midtsundstad.
Participants: All members of the project team.
Objectives: To ensure that our studies are well grounded and that they build upon international experience, to provide a shared platform for the other work packages, and to confirm and supplement the analytical models to be used in WP2 and WP3 and to develop an analytical framework for WP4.
Approaches and applied method: Systematic search of sources of relevant academic literature using refined search criteria.
Description of work and sub-tasks: Development of search criteria to cover learning, late career learners, re-skilling, technology and older workers. The librarian at NIFU will assist in searching academic databases, Academic Search Premier, Web of Knowledge, Cedefop library. This will include analyses of recent national and European statistical reports and academic papers. A systematic literature review will firstly develop an overall picture of the literature on late career learners, their learning and their participation in the labour force. Based upon a synthesis of this literature, we will develop an updated overview of the themes and issues related to older workers. This will provide the basis for our analytical model for WP4. We will also review Norwegian policy relating to late career learners proving a written overview of policy intentions and implemented measures during the last 5 years.
D 1.1 – Review and assessment of earlier studies and their findings
D 1.2 – Analytical framework for use in WP4
D 1.3 – Overview of recent policy measures in Norway

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