Workpackage 5

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Policy recommendations, dissemination & stakeholder involvement
WP Leader: Dorothy Sutherland Olsen.
Participants: All members of the project team, Vox.
This WP includes the management and administrative tasks of the project and the implementation of the dissemination plan. Dissemination will occur throughout the project and will include initiatives designed to inform the relevant research communities of our findings and to engage and inform stakeholders in Norwegian businesses, the public sector and policy makers. The plan includes the publication of reports as described in the deliverables and the publication of peer-reviewed articles.
NIFU is currently carrying out a project on adult education and training, commissioned by Vox (Norwegian Agency for Lifelong Learning). We would like to build on this established partnership, we will include Vox as an active user partner. Vox will use their expertise and act as a partner in our analyses of how the current portfolio of measures for adult education and training meets the needs and potential of older workers, and provide input in terms of possible new measures and policies specifically targeting late career learners. We will include Vox as a partner in the SILVER project by inviting them to some of the project meetings, and include them in the reference group.

We will arrange a workshop for researchers at all the participating institutions and invite other researchers participating in FINNUT/VAM. We will also present firstly our plans, then later our findings at workshops for HR-managers, who are members of the existing HR-networks and business societies and at the relevant meetings with members of NHO, Abelia, Spekter etc. We will collaborate with CSP (Norwegian Centre for Senior Policy) and Vox to arrange a conference for policy makers. At these events, we will encourage dialogue and invite feedback on plans and findings.
D 5.1 Researchers conference
D 5.2 Presentations at HR-conferences/network meetings and business societies in Norway
D 5.3 Conference for policy makers
D 5.4 Reports and articles (See 6. Dissemination)

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